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Get your Glow On!

R & R Tanning and Spa in Battle Creek, MI, makes your skin glow with our high-quality tanning services and top of the line products. We have state-of-the-art stand up and lay down tanning beds as well as spray tanning equipment. From head to toe, we’ll have your skin looking amazing!

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Level 2


  • 12 minutes Sun Star 432 Lay down bed High-pressure facials

Level 3


  • 12 minutes Erogoline Lay down bed High-pressure facials

Level 4


  • 10 minutes Symphony Stand up

Level 5


  • Erogoline w/ UV and Red light lamps combined and high pressure facial lamps (12 min)

Level 6


  • Versa Spa Spray

Sunless Tanning

After experiencing our VersaSpa Sunless spray tanning, your skin will be left feeling exhilarated, supple and have that perfect glow! The natural aloe, hypo-allergenic and DHA solution contains properties as a skin darkener.  Our sunless spray lasts between 6-10 days, depending on how you exfoliate. In addition, we offer high quality lotions & scrubs to maintain, extend and protect your VersaSpa experience.