Wellness to Rejuvinate

Your Mind, Body, and Soul.


Rejuvenate Your Mind, Body, & Soul

At R & R Tanning and Spa we understand the stress and tension we all put our bodies through. Sometimes, we don’t even take the time to care for ourselves. Without total well-being, we wear ourselves out. Invigorate yourself and add radiance back to your skin with our amazing spa services and medical grade skin care products. Our skin care specialists can design a plan, using these products, to help maximize your benefits.

Our Spa Services

Massage Services

For centuries, massage and other forms of body work have been accepted health practices in virtually all cultures. The benefits are relief of tension and stress, increased circulation, the release of toxins, and a boosted immune system, and improved emotional and physical well-being. Let us recommend a service that best suits your needs.

Facial Services

Our professionally trained esthetician and skin care specialists will design a skin care regimen for your skin type. Our treatments and products will prevent and reverse the appearance of aged skin while diminishing fine lines, age spots, dark circles, crows feet and blemishes while increasing collagen and repairing elasticity for a more youthful appearance. We have top shelf, medical grade skin care products designed specifically for us by our very own skin care specialist. we also encourage Red Light Therapy to maximize your results.

Pamper Packages

Many guests and members of R&R have learned to enhance their health and quality of life with our excellent services and amenities. It is well within your reach too. That's because lifelong wellness is largely a matter of simple, day-to-day choices: eat right, stay active and learn to relax. We would love to become a part of your wellness.

The most popular of the  massage techniques, this service incorporates long-flowing strokes, designed to improve circulation, boost your immune system, and release toxins. Great for relief of tension and stress, leaving you relaxed and revitalized.
30 MIN - $35   60 MIN - $60 90 MIN - $90

Focusing on the specific needs of the guest, this massage assists in reducing muscle tension. The massage is firmer (moderate to deep) to help promote the relaxation of the muscles.
30 MIN - $45   60 MIN - $90 90 MIN - $120

This massage combination of Swedish techniques with synchronized strokes creates an experience like no other. The warm sensation of the stones allows the mind and body to release daily tension and stress. The heat allows the therapist to go deeper in the muscle to achieve the most benefit. A mist try for any spa client!
60 MIN - $85   90 MIN - $115

An ancient foot massage treatment creates a healthy balance throughout your body by actuating pressure points in the feet . Pressure is applied to specific points on the feet to release energy flow to various organs in the body. Leaves you feeling rejuvenated!
30 MIN - $75   6 Sessions - $330


Wellness Body Treatment 

Begin with a hot towel exfoliation body scrub followed with 15% glycolic to remove layers of dull dry skin. Then you will receive a full body massage,with cellulite treatment with vitamins C, E, D and K to revitalize the skin and even out skin tone. Relax even further in the Hydration Station and Red Light Therpy Bed. A few hours of pure Heaven. (receive free cellulite cream)

Guest - $185  VIP - $148

VIP series of 3 - $130 ea


Gentleman Only


Any guy who works with his hands will appreciate the heavy duty benefits of this treatment. It helps heal and soothe dry, chapped hands. 
$25  | Series of 6 for $160


Hot Towel Facial

Relax and enjoy a cleansing facial with hot towels, followed by Red Light therapy.. 

$85  | Series of 6 for $360


Sports Massage

Dedicated to increasing joint mobility, soothing aching muscles and relieving stress. We customize this treatment to address your individual area of muscle fatigue and tension.

60 mins - $90 
Series of 6 for $420


Gentleman's Day 

With him in mind, kick of the day with the sports massage, followed by reflexology and a hot towel treatment. His day continues as he relaxes with an old time barber hot towel facial, finishing with the Hydration Station  $225

Cleanse, exfoliate and massage while infusing vitamins and restoring hydration to your skin.  (Red Light Therapy extra)



5% Glycolic Peel for oily and troubled skin. Closes and tightens pores. Includes Infrared therapy. 



A relaxing massage cleansing the face while adding vitamins & restoring elasticity, followed by Red Light Therapy.



8% Glycolic Peel. Restore that youthful glow while adding vitamins to your skin. A hydration mask will help renew and maintain moisture, followed by Red Light Therapy.


This facial is helpful for those with acne prone skin and is followed by Red Light Therapy.

Guest - $185   VIP - $125 
Series for additional $85


Repairs damaged, dry, aged skin by reversing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Followed by Red Light Therapy.

Guest - $185   VIP - $125 
Series for additional $85
Age Defying Hand Treatment Only $65

Versa Peel Glycolic Facial 

The Versa Peel(with red light therapy) is an all skin type facial designed to target your skin issues: hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, scars, sagging skin, reduce pore size and black heads. Your skin will appear to be smoother and more youthful.

Guest - $395 VIP - $316

VIP series of 3 - $250 ea

You're a VIP at R&R

We offer many levels of membership to provide you with VIP prices.


At your Service

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will recommend and schedule your R&R experience that will be meaningful and enjoyable.

Cancelation Policy

R&R cancellations must be received at least 12 hours prior to the appointment time or the full service fee is expected. We appreciate your consideration in this matter.

Basic facial, half hour body massage and foot massage with hot towels.



Experience a taste of relaxation. This package includes: Skin Type Facial, Body Massage, Age Defying Hand Treatment, Reflexology Massage and Red Light Therapy Bed. $125
w/hydration station  $150 (no discounts)


Full body massage and a basic facial massage and a basic pedicure.



Reduce the stress of your day with a full body massage, including scalp massage and sinus stripping. Followed with reflexology on the feet, Hydration Station and Red Light Therapy.



Start your treatment with an age defying facial designed for your skin type. Followed with exfoliating body serum using hot towels on your whole body, a nutritional full body massage, followed by a session in the Hydration Station and Red Light Therapy.  

Lasts 2 and 15 minutes.



Start your day with R&R's All About You pamper package. Enjoy a full body massage with a target facial, manicure and reflexology pedicure. Then relax in the Red Light Therapy bed. Perfect for couples, mother and daughter, best friends, etc.  $350

w/Lunch $380


Other Spa Services


Manicure  $35


Shellac  $45


Pedicure  $45


Deluxe Pedicure  $65


Reflexology Pedicure  $75

Deluxe full leg exfoliation with hot
towels and massage. Reflexology
on the feel promotes healing and 
wellness. Followed by pedicure.

Eyebrow Tinting  $35


Eyelash Tinting  $35


Combo Eyebrow/Eyelash Tinting  $60


Eyelash Extensions* (1st Time)  $185
*no discounts


Refills (based on wear)

2 Weeks  $30

3 Weeks  $40

4 Weeks  $50

Eyebrow Sculpting  $25


Combo Wax (brows & face)  $45


Leg Wax  $45 & up


Back Wax  $55 & up


Bikini Wax  $35


Brazilian $65


Underarm Wax  $35


Arm Wax  $35

Spa Equipment

This amazing steam bath helps protect your tan to last longer while shedding impurities and detoxifying the body. It also infuses the body with moisture, vitamins and minerals. Leaves the feeling skin supple and soft.

Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy slows down the aging process of the skin and improves tone. It is a safe and natural process and does not require any needles surgery or lasers. With red light therapy you can reduce wrinkles, acne, scars, stretch marks, and cellulite. It firms the skin and enhances coloration and complexion.

We also offer medical grade facials, glycolics, peels, massages, manicures and pedicures. All of our services are performed by licensed professionals, including skin care specialists, and massage therapists.

A 12 minute session that also has a vibrating floor that helps to realign the spine, strengthen muscles and move the lymphatic system.

This beautiful bed is 20 minutes of heaven. It is red light therapy with an infrared face plate for even deeper, healthy results.

The ultimate detoxifying experience. Shed impurities, bring relief to arthritis, aches & pains. Helps with cellulite while burning up to 1400 calories.

Give us a call today at 269-282-1634 to schedule a spa service.

Red Light Therapy 

Using the medical grade products with Glycolc in our Red Light Therapy bed can take off 5 to 10 years of aging. The many benefits of RLT include: increased radiance and skin glow, firms aged and tired skin, smooths and reduces wrinkles, helps reduce acne and other skin conditions, as well as scars and pore sizes.